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Recount Text (kebenaran tatanan bahasa tidak dijamin)


Gedung Sekawan

fyuh akhirnya buka blog lagi, setelah melewati badai tugas, topan assessment, banjir keringat dan segala tetek bengeknya. hari ini saya cuma mau berbagi ini, contoh recount text, nih di bawah, check it out


Go to Taman Sari

Orientation Last year I went to one of the Yogyakarta palace gardens. I went with my cousin. The garden was called “The Fragrant Garden” or better known as “Taman Sari Keraton Yogyakarta”.
Event 1 First, we visited the “Gedung Sekawan”. Previously, “Gedung Sekawan” is used as a playground by the daughters King. Along the way in “Gedung Sekawan” there are kikit citrus trees are used to paint the nails by princess.
Event 2 After visiting the “Gedung Sekawan”, we were leading to the bathing place of the royal family called “Umbul Kuras”. In addition to the swimming baths, there is a steam room and aromatherapy kiln.
Event 3 And then, after getting out of the royal family bathing place, we walked to the show room batik painting. Along the way, there is a variety of batik paintings are painted on the wall.
Event 4 Then, we were leading “Masjid Bundar” which is located under the ground. We had to go down stairs to get to the mosque. According to the guide, in addition to the mosque, “Masjid Bundar” is also used as a fortress.
Re-orientation (optional) Finally, after tired surrounds “Taman Sari” we come home with new insights on the history of the royal palace in Indonesia.


kolam pemandian keluarga kerajaan


masjid bundar


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