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orchid moon

yuk cus, numpang share contoh descriptive text nih, check it out


Orchids Moon

Identification Orchids are one of the ornamental plants that are often on collection. Orchid has beautiful flower crown. One type of the famous orchid is orchid moon.
Descriptions Phalaenopsis Amabilis is the scientific name of orchid moon. Orchid moon life as an epiphytic. Orchid moon attach to the trunk or branch of a tree in the forests and thrives up to 600 meters above sea level. Orchid moon include in the monopodia orchids which like little sunshine to support their life.

Orchid moon has three petals and three flower crown. Orchid moon has a variety of colors, like purple, maroon, white, pink, and yellow.

Orchid moon has a thick leaves. It has average size of 5-10 cm. Every leaves of orchid moon will be widening in the direction of the tip. Base point of the leaves stalk will press the trunk or base point of the leaves on it.

The color of the leaves orchid moon is green with thick and fleshy texture. This is because the leaves orchid moon containing chlorophyll. Leaves orchid moon also reserves contain water and food.


orchid moon


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